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2016 Syrah

Kosher for Passover Not Mevushal

כשר לפסח   - לא מבושל

2016 Syrah

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Mokelumne River, California                        

This wine was inspired by Benish Fried AH. The grapes were grown on the Labell Ranch in Lodi, California, and fermented right here, in Brooklyn, NY. Mokelumne River sub appellation of Lodi is named after the Mokelumme River which is fed from mountain snow run off from the Sierra Nevada's.  This region is known for it's pale fine sandy loam of granitic origin.  Along with great water and soil quality, is the classic Mediterranean climate that help recognized Lodi as 2015 region of the year.  Mokelumme meaning is "river for the people".

Wines from this vineyard are tart to jammy, with a hint of Pepper and Allspice. The wine should be very dark and complex.  A medium tannin wine with medium acidity gives this Syrah a full body punch to taste more complete.
Pairs perfectly well with barbecue ribs or cheese dishes and it pleasantly compliments bold foods graciously.


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